Chambers of Shadow

The Story so Far

This will actually contain the story synopsis for the campaign up till this point.

  1. The Summons
    • A Lightning Rail to Passage
      • Sky pirates
      • Drow presence
      • A brush with Grn'ackmoore
      • The steel heart
      • His fame proceeds him, or, an encounter with Merix
    • The Audience with Aundair
      • A problem with children
    • Trolling for Clues (in Passage)
      • Experimental cooking
      • A den of thieves
        1. Enter the Rakshasa
        2. The first chamber (Chamber of the Alchemist)
        3. The quori Dream Lord
        4. A symbol discovered
      • Report in
      • Sent to the experts
      • Leg two of the journey, earth sled to Arcanix
    • The Floating City
      • The town below
      • A griffin ride later
      • Chumly's workshop
      • A meeting with the council
      • Secrets revealed (The second "Chamber")
        1. Grn'ackmoore must be stopped
      • Teleportation: it's a job
  2. On Route to Xen'drik
    • Arrival, Stormreach
      • Information gathering
      • A giant encountered
      • Drow who don't suck
      • A plunge into the sewers
      • "This is no cave" | Exploring the insides of the Guardian (the third chamber)
        1. it has no (steel) heart
      • A kobold less squashed (Dragon Shaman)
      • Your foes are our Rakshasa (foes)
        1. First brush with a sorceress of the Rakshasa
        2. Enter the Grisgol (agents of Vol)
        3. The weave of allegiances thickens
      • Return that which was stolen (to the Kobold)
      • A time ofr rest (in the belly of the Guardian)
    • A Choice is Given
      • The party chooses to take the coastal route
      • An assassination attempt is made, or, I sure hope they can swim
  3. A Trade Route Less Traveled


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