Chambers of Shadow

A case of missing persons
Adventure in the Eldeen Reaches

[Deep Glade of Greenheart]

The time of ritual is fast approaching and the Gatekeepers have sent out a call for aid.  Of all who can hear the secret words of the Gateseepers chant, only Oliander, deep in his dream, takes the time to listen.

He ponders the age of the world and his own rings for what, to him, seems but a short while.  The sun rises and falls more then four times before a new thought passes into Olianders branches.  Should he concern himself with the Gatekeepers? Has the time come to let things go?  Shuddering slightly he comes to a decision.  By the terms which this ancent tree reasons, he responds quickly and perhaps rashly. 

He summons one of the young ones who does not worship him. He summons one who fought for the wood when even the woodlings spurned him and his kind.  He is not a druid of the grove in skill or training, but in heart.  He summons this sapling to seek out the meaning behind the Gatekeepers cry.

[Else Where]

Terran awakes in his chambers from a dream of resting among the roots of ancient Oliander.  In his dream he sleeps and Oliander weaves his need into Terrans dream with in a dream.

"Find out what they need and help them get it.  The Gatekeepers are in jepordy.  With them, rests the fate of more then simply my domion."

"Seek out [NAME] in the Settlement of Pools.  He will be able to guide your hand."

"Do not go alone…"

[Prep for travel]

The Settlement of Pools is in the Greenblade region of The Gloaming Wood, near Silver Lake.  The two towns closest to Pools are Erlaskar and Sylbaran.  Either can support a Cannith Teleporation matrix. 

Travel can be accomplished over land or by boat then land.

Sylbaran is closest but in the foot hills of the Byeshk Mountains.  The way is difficult by land.  Erlaskar is longer but possibly quicker to travel due to the gentler terrain.

[Possibility of a random encounter]

[Arrival at Pools]

[Listen Check before actual arrival: DC 40]

[Success] Something seems wrong with the sounds of the forest.  If your estimates on time are correctly you should be well within ear shot of the Settlement, yet no voices can be heard beyond those of the local animals.  Even they seem somewhat off, almost – paniced.

[Failure] The light from the noon sun seems overly bright as you pass from the canopy of the Greenblade into the Settlement of Pools.  Immediately you are struck by the wrongness of the scene before you.  Doors to the closest residences are open wide and half finished laundry hangs from a basin in front of one.  Another has a workbench before it with a partially completed chair leg.

No one is within sight save for you, and your companions.

Exploring the town shows, at the most basic level, that nearly all locations were abandoned mid work flow.  Food half eaten has remained on plates.

[Survival Check: DC20] Recent rains have washed away the majority of the fresh tracks.  The few instances of animal scavanging is disturbing.

[Search/Survival Check: DC30] There is a consistent sense of disorientation in the homes.  Items are placed in strange places where there is clearly a more logical home that the item should be in.  (Pans stuffed in bags rather then hanging from hooks which are obviously their natural home.)

[Listen/Spot Check: DC30]  The trees surrounding the town are filling up with birds. 

[Listen/Spot Check: DC40] Hawks are sharing branches with Blue Jays, Owls are out in full light, etc. 

[Survival Check: DC30] They seem very aggitated, that is, right before they attack!

[Combat with Swarms of Birds]

Round 1: 

Birds swoop in from all sides while the party is in the open.

Require Will Save DC31 or be confused

Round 2:

Continue bird barrage

Round 3: 

Dolgaunt's Enter the fray from the main lodge direction.

[Dolgaunt Monk: EBC281] x 4

Dolgrim come from the forested sides of the Settlement

[Dolgrim Warrior: EBC282] x 10



Searching the main lodge results in a journal which details the discovery of an opening to "somewhere else" in one of the ruins scattered around the town.  The entries become less coherent over time.  The process seems to take less then 2 days for complete break down after the discovery of the entrance.

[The way down]

[DC30 Will save to approach: Avoidence]

If Guile is with the group, his aura of true seeing allows the party to see the entrance for what it is, a slender staircase which decends into the ground.  

Otherwise, the group will have to defeat the Aversion effect which effects the sane.  

[[ Will saves continue every 10 minutes (real time) ]]


The Story so Far

This will actually contain the story synopsis for the campaign up till this point.

  1. The Summons
    • A Lightning Rail to Passage
      • Sky pirates
      • Drow presence
      • A brush with Grn'ackmoore
      • The steel heart
      • His fame proceeds him, or, an encounter with Merix
    • The Audience with Aundair
      • A problem with children
    • Trolling for Clues (in Passage)
      • Experimental cooking
      • A den of thieves
        1. Enter the Rakshasa
        2. The first chamber (Chamber of the Alchemist)
        3. The quori Dream Lord
        4. A symbol discovered
      • Report in
      • Sent to the experts
      • Leg two of the journey, earth sled to Arcanix
    • The Floating City
      • The town below
      • A griffin ride later
      • Chumly's workshop
      • A meeting with the council
      • Secrets revealed (The second "Chamber")
        1. Grn'ackmoore must be stopped
      • Teleportation: it's a job
  2. On Route to Xen'drik
    • Arrival, Stormreach
      • Information gathering
      • A giant encountered
      • Drow who don't suck
      • A plunge into the sewers
      • "This is no cave" | Exploring the insides of the Guardian (the third chamber)
        1. it has no (steel) heart
      • A kobold less squashed (Dragon Shaman)
      • Your foes are our Rakshasa (foes)
        1. First brush with a sorceress of the Rakshasa
        2. Enter the Grisgol (agents of Vol)
        3. The weave of allegiances thickens
      • Return that which was stolen (to the Kobold)
      • A time ofr rest (in the belly of the Guardian)
    • A Choice is Given
      • The party chooses to take the coastal route
      • An assassination attempt is made, or, I sure hope they can swim
  3. A Trade Route Less Traveled

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